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Sterile Packaged Instrument Kits

Each cleanSTART® instrument kit is all-inclusive with respect to its designation and provides immediate access to pristine instrumentation of uncompromised material integrity and engineering design for each surgery. Sterile instrument cartridges are available for the Airlock® Plating System & Nexis® Screws.

  • The perfect match for Novastep’s sterile implants.
  • Zero risk of damaged or missing instruments.
  • No sterilization costs or associated delays.
  • Simplified logistics, streamlined OR prep times
    and multiple OR placements.
  • Instantaneous access to back-up instrument kits
  • Minimized storage and sterile field volumes
  • Reduced handling weights, enhanced inventory
    control and optimized traceability
  • Financially sound, environmentally safe, globally smart

Instrument Dispenser Console

The Instrument Dispenser reduces the need for cumbersome sterilization trays and delivers a combination of optimized logistics, enhanced productivity and superior inventory management. Each Dispenser may be arranged to cover multiple surgeries and numerous indications.

  • Accommodates any assortment of instrument kits.
  • Instrument cartridges are efficiently organized and kits are available for immediate use.
  • Dispensers may be uniquely configured to meet individual requirements, easily discernible color-coded labels are provided for convenient identification.

Single Use Instrument Kit
for Nexis 2.3, 2,9 & 2.0 Snap-Off

ANexis AO T8 screwdriver tip for 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
BNexis AO T7 screwdriver tip for 2.3mm screws
CNexis snap-off screwdriver tip
DNexis Ø1.75 canulated drill bit for 2.3 / 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
ENexis Countersink reamer Ø2.75
FNexis guide wire / K-wire Ø0.9 for 2.3 / 2.9 / 3.5mm screws
GRuler Lg 80

Single Use Instrument Kit
for Nexis 4.0

ANexis AO T10 screwdriver tip for 4.0mm screws
BNexis Ø2.7 cannulated drill bit for 4.0mm screws
CNexis Ø3.7 countersink reamer for 4.0mm screws
DNexis guide wire / K-wire Ø1.4 for 4.0mm screws
ERuler Lg 80

Single Use Instrument Kit
for Airlock Plates

AAirlock Screwdriver tip AO T8
BAirlock Drill Bit Ø2.0mm
CAirlock Locking & Compressive drill guide Ø2
DAirlock guide wire / K-wire with Olive Ø1.0
EAirlock Depth gauge with Ruler Lg 80