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LYNC® pure titanium design delivers immediate, controlled compression with stable bone purchase that resists pullout, rotation or toggle.
Three-step procedure: Ream, Rasp and Reduce.

  • Unique, Breakthrough Design.
  • No Freezing, Primed and Ready for Immediate Use.
  • Two Zones of Fixation and Controlled Compression.
  • Lock and Load Retrieval, Insertion and Deployment.
Medium M0o/M10o Small S0o/S10o DIP
References M0o – CM010010 M10o – CM010011 S0o – CM010030 S10o – CM010031 CM010040
1. Total Length 20mm 20mm 16mm 16mm 12mm
2. Proximal Length 13mm 13mm 11mm 11mm 6mm
3. Distal Length 7mm 7mm 5mm 5mm 6mm
4. Initial/Final Proximal Opening 2/8.5mm 2/8.5mm 2/8mm 2/8mm 2/5mm
5. Initial/Final Distal Opening 3.5/4.5mm 3.5/4.5mm 3.5/5.5mm 3.5/5.5mm 3.5/4mm
6. Offset* 0o 10º 0o 10º 0o

*Straight or with a 10° bend for precise anatomic fitting and alignment.

Lync Measure

Breakthrough Design

One piece implant manufactured from anodized titanium (ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2), featuring insertion tapers and migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase. Medullary canal preparation and device insertion do not require placement of guide wires.

Three-step Procedure

You simply Ream, Rasp and Reduce. The multi-purpose implantation Forceps feature a uniquely designed Lock and Load capability that permits convenient implant to instrument transfer, rapid insertion and manual, one-click compression.


Minimal Instrumentation

All required instruments are neatly configured in one elegantly sized sterilization module.

No Freezing

Refrigeration is not required and the LYNC® implants may be used at ambient temperature; there are no costly storage expenses or timing issues involved.

Two Zones of Fixation

Proximal and distal leg pairs are designed to impart bifocal compressive forces for enhanced stability and resistance to pullout.

Controlled Compression

The malleability and modulus of elasticity of LYNC®’s pure titanium design delivers immediate, controlled compression with stable bone purchase that resists pullout, rotation or toggle. When fully deployed with insertion forceps, the proximal and distal leg pairs naturally conform to the internal geometry of the medullary canal without cortical perforation.

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Lync® Operative Technique

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Lync® Sales Brochure

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Lync® Hammertoe Correction System

Overview: Surgical Procedure

Prior to use of the Novastep® system, carefully read the surgical technique, the instructions for use (IFU) and all packaging label information related to the implants and instruments.

Medical devices. Implants: Class IIb-CE1639; Instruments: Class I-CE / Class IIa-CE1639.