Novastep® focuses its energy and skills on a single area: foot & ankle surgery. We believe that it is vital to meet patients needs, that input from surgeons must drive our designs, and that innovation is meaningless without simplicity.


Inventor of innovative solutions for foot surgery

Our aim is to support your clinical practice by offering you next generation solutions and helping you to grow your expertise.

Through our international presence, Novastep® aims to foster collaboration between surgeons on a global scale. We create an environment that nurtures new ideas and enables best practices to circulate around the world, for the benefit of your patients.

Our range of high-quality implants is designed to treat conditions that affect the foot and ankle, from trauma to pathological and congenital deformity corrections.


To listen to you

Our success depends first and foremost on your satisfaction, which is why our sales teams are available every day to assist you and meet your specific needs.

To assist you

Based on our experience and on close relationships with medical professionals, our innovation strategy works to simplify and streamline your surgical procedure, as well as to enhance your operating room efficiency by offering customized, modular instrument and packaging solutions.