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Pecaplasty® targeting guide

The Pecaplasty® System delivers reproducible outcomes in percutaneous bunion correction. The instrument helps navigate the challenges of the procedure by controlling translation and providing accurate placement of the K-wires. PECA® Implants are used to fasten and stabilize the correction during the healing process.

1. Easy positioning on the foot

POSITION the guide by inserting the paddle underneath the medial capsule through initial incision, after a transverse osteotomy.

2. Controlled translation of metatarsal head

TRANSLATE the metatarsal head using the translation dial.

3. Accurate placement of K-Wires

ADJUST the arc around its center of rotation to allow proper placement of the k-wires.

  • Insertion point must be as proximal as possible to ensure bicortical fixation.
  • Aiming point is fixed, always 14 mm (1) from the paddle.

Peca® Implants

The osteosynthesis screws are indicated for arthrosis, hallux valgus and other bone alignment defaults (pes cavus, flatfoot, malalignment secondary to previous trauma).

  • 40 Degree Chamfer Cut Head
  • Fully Threaded, Constant Pitch
  • Exact-T® 10 Recess
  • Self-tapping, Self-drilling
  • Proximal Cutting Flutes

Sterile Burrs

Pecaplasty® Instrumentation​

Pecaplasty® Instrumentation​ SKW06001 XMS01038-1 XMS01038-2 XMS01038-3 XMS01038-4 XMS01038-4
Part# Description QTY
ACC1019P0001 Tray 1
ACC1019P0002 Lid 1
XMS01038-1 Targeting guide 1
XMS01038-2 Wire handle for targeting guide 1
SKW06002 Traction wire Ø2.5 lg 128 – Sterile 5
XMS01038-3 K-Wire sleeve – PECA® Ø3 1
XMS01038-4 K-Wire sleeve – PECA® Ø4 2

Specialized Instrumentation for Percutaneous Surgery

Specialized Instrumentation for Percutaneous Surgery ACC1001P0023 XDG01024 XHA01001 XGA01009 SF13 XMS01027 XSD04004 XSD04005 XDB01023 XRE01007 XMS01038-6 XSD04005-2 XDB01024 XMS01038-5 XSD02006
Part# Description QTY
ACC1001P0022 Tray
ACC1001P0023 K-wires holder 1
CKW03001 Reduction wire Ø 3.5 5
CKW02004 K-wire Ø 1.0 Lg 150 TR/RD CoCr 5
CKW02005 K-wire Ø 1.4 Lg 150 TR/RD CoCr 8
XKW01001 Cleaning pin Ø 0.9 1
XKW01002 Cleaning pin Ø 1.4 1
XDG01024 Tissue protector – PECA® / PECA®-C 1
XHA01001 AO handle 1
XGA01009 Ruler Lg 150 – PECA® 1
SF13 Long beaver handle 1
XMS01011 Perioestal elevator single tip 1
XMS01008 Perioestal elevator double tip 1
XMS01009 Percutaneous rasps 1
XMS01027 Reduction device double tip Optional
XSD04004 Exact-T®10 AO screwdriver tip 2
XSD04005 Removal Exact-T®10 AO screwdriver tip Optional
XDB01023 AO drill-bit Ø3.2 2
XRE01007 Countersink Ø3.7 – Nexis® / PECA®-C Optional
XMS01038-6 Parallel guide Ø 4 – Ø 4 – PECA® Optional
XSD02003 Exact-T®8 AO screwdriver tip 1
XSD04005 Removal Exact-T®8 AO screwdriver tip Optional
XDB01024 AO drill-bit Ø2 2
XMS01038-5 Parallel guide Ø 3 – Ø 4 – PECA® Optional
XSD02006 Exact-2 T8 AO screwdriver tip 2
XGA01013 Ruler Lg 100 / 150 Optional
33-T10-R-12-1 00 K-wire Ø1.2 Lg 100 TR/RD Optional
33-T10-R-12-150 K-wire Ø1.2 Lg 150 TR/RD Optional
tech op Pecaplasty

Pecaplasty® Operative technique

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brochure Pecaplasty

Pecaplasty® Sales Brochure

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Pecaplasty targeting guide instrumentation img

Pecaplasty® Tray Layout

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PECA-C® Sales Brochure

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PECA trayLayout img

PECA® Tray Layout

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PECA® White Paper

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Percutaneous burrs brochure

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Pecaplasty® targeting guide

Pecaplasty® MIS System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Tristan Meusnier.

Pecaplasty® Instrumented MIS System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Bradley P. Abicht.

Mapping the Osteotomy & Medial Eminence Resection with PECA System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Oliver N. Schipper.

Chevron Osteotomy with PECA System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Oliver N. Schipper.

Reduction, K-Wires Placement & Implant with PECA System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Oliver N. Schipper.

Akin Osteotomy and Final X-Ray with PECA System

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Oliver N. Schipper.

Prior to use of the Novastep® system, carefully read the surgical technique, the instructions for use (IFU) and all packaging label information related to the implants and instruments.

Medical devices. Implants: Class IIb-CE1639; Instruments: Class I-CE / Class IIa-CE1639.