Novastep Announces U.S. Launch and Full Commercialization of PECA® MIS Implant System for Bunion Correction

July 8, 2019

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Novastep, Inc., and its affiliates (“Novastep” or the “Company”), a global medical technologies company specializing in foot and ankle surgery, today announced the U.S. launch and full commercial availability of the PECA® minimally invasive surgical (MIS) implant system for mild to severe hallux valgus (bunion) deformities.

The first commercial PECA® cases were performed by A. Holly Johnson, MD (Hospital for Special Surgery New York, NY), Oliver N. Schipper, MD (The Anderson Orthopaedic Clinic, Arlington, VA) and Brian G. Loder, DPM (Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI). 

Novastep’s PECA® system features a complete and versatile portfolio of uniquely designed instruments and implants for minimally invasive surgical correction of hallux valgus, commonly referred to as bunions. “The Novastep MIS system has dramatically improved my practice in both the clinic and O.R.  Using PECA® for my bunion patients is simply more effective and efficient,” said Dr. Loder.

When compared to traditional open bunion surgery, the minimally invasive approach offers several key benefits for patients. The traditional surgical technique is performed with a bone saw through a lengthy incision.  This technique can leave patients with an unsightly scar and longer healing times.  Utilizing Novastep’s PECA® system, surgeons can perform the same procedure, percutaneously, through several two millimeter “keyhole” incisions using specially designed instruments and implants.  This minimally invasive technique drastically improves post-surgical aesthetics, reduces the risk of infection, allows rehabilitation to begin sooner and patients showing significantly less pain at follow-up.

 “The PECA® system has shown that patients get back on their feet faster, with less pain and an improved cosmetic result,” claims Dr. Johnson.  She added that, “The reduced time frame in which my patients return to function is impressive.”  Dr. Schipper commented that “The PECA® instruments and implants have made the procedure simpler and faster because they were designed specifically for minimally invasive bunion surgery.” 

In conjunction with the full release of the PECA® bunion correction implant system, Novastep has also announced the launch of a patient website, titled miFoot (  The miFoot platform educates patients on minimally invasive bunion correction and enables them to locate specially trained, minimally invasive surgeons using the surgeon locator function.  Novastep Inc.’s President & CEO, Vadim Gurevich, stated “Ultimately, this website provides individuals with bunions (hallux valgus) a pathway to permanent correction and return to normal shoe wear.”

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