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Airlock® Tray

Trial implants:

Airlock® instrumentation:

Windowed drill-guide: direct reading of the required screw length

Nexis® & PECA®-C instrumentation

Benders & Reamers

Distractors & Compressor Tray

Distractors & compressor

Open Arm

Closed Arm

Opening Wedge


Opening Wedge Distractor

Anatomical wedge-shaped opening
Made possible by the ball-and-socket joint on the dedicated threaded K-Wires

Opening Wedge threaded K-wires
Allow a stable opening and a distraction close to the bone

Easy to measure the opening
After K-wires insertion adiust the initial position to 0 mm
The sliding graduated ruler allows 0-12 mm sizing increments

Easy and precise adjustment
Of the opening, fixed by a screwed wheel

Airlock Tray Layout

Airlock® Tray Layout

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Prior to use of the Novastep® system, carefully read the surgical technique, the instructions for use (IFU) and all packaging label information related to the implants and instruments.

Medical devices. Implants: Class IIb-CE1639; Instruments: Class I-CE / Class IIa-CE1639.