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Short Threads Long Threads
1. Screwdriver Tip T20 – Hexalobe T25 – Hexalobe T25 – Hexalobe
2. Head Diameter Ø6.7 Ø8 Ø8
3. Guide Wire Ø1.6 Ø2.2 Ø2.2
4. Thread Length 25% of
Screw Length
16mm 32mm
5. Core Diameter Ø3.2 Ø4.75 Ø4.75
6. Thread Diameter Ø5.0 Ø7.0 Ø7.0
7. Length 30 – 100mm* 40 – 120mm* 40 – 120mm*
8. Drill Bit Ø3.2 Ø4.8 Ø4.8
*2mm increments up to 50mm then 5mm increments

The anodized titanium (TA6V) Nexis Screw system for midfoot procedures offers a comprehensive portfolio for screw fixation with a selection of cannulated Ø5.0mm and Ø7.0mm short and Ø7.0mm long threaded implants with self-drilling/self-tappin/triple sharpened tips. Reverse cutting flutes aid the surgeon in simplified extraction. Self-penetrating conical compression cone facilitates atraumatic penetration.

All implants are packaged sterile. Hexalobe recess protects the screw interface and provides optimal torque.

Large Screw Tech Spec


Nexis® Hindfoot Targeter

Designed for the precise implantation of Ø5.0mm, Ø7.0mm Nexis headless screws.  The Nexis targeter device allows for K-Wire placement in difficult hindfoot procedures.

Medial Translational Osteotomy of the Calcaneus using Nexis® Headless Compression Screws

The demonstration is performed by Dr. Daniel Logan.

Prior to use of the Novastep® system, carefully read the surgical technique, the instructions for use (IFU) and all packaging label information related to the implants and instruments.

Medical devices. Implants: Class IIb-CE1639; Instruments: Class I-CE / Class IIa-CE1639.